WTC was established in 1986 by Taiwanese designer Wang Ta Chen / Daniel Wang who carved out his career with his skills and knowledge in wedding dress lacing, embroidery, silk, and beading. The company has now developed into an exclusive hand-made gown brand.

Since the brand was established, WTC has been well known for its elegant line of formal dresses each exquisitely tailored and cut. All of Daniel Wang's inspirational dresses are uniquely designed and made with premium materials. Everything from the hundreds of hours of detailed embroidery and beading arrangements to the shape of each dress designed to define each woman's body perfectly, is a testament to the meticulous principles that WTC follows to ensure that each design becomes a treasurable and memorable masterpiece.

WTC創立於1986年,由來自台灣的王大誠(Daniel Wang)建立,以高級婚紗起家,發展至晚裝的高級手工訂製品牌。

自品牌開創以來,WTC一直以典雅和細密剪裁及縫製的高級禮服聞名於婚紗界,Daniel Wang獨特意像式的設計,搭配頂級奢華面料、蕾絲,歷時上百以至上千小時的精心珠工刺繡,這些一絲不苟的細節,打造出完美的線條,每件都是不朽的精品。